I have the same initials as my mother and sister. Was that intentional? Absolutely. My mom said she got my name from her favorite author - Danielle Steele (from the early period of her life when she was still having idyllic dreams of the USA and had enough time to pine over cheesy romance novels). I was born in the Philippines and tragically had to move to the good ole state of Texas, but I’m thankful because I never would have learned to shorten my you all’S.
My hobbies include wasting too much money on caffeine and pinning too many restaurants on my google maps. I love music. I think the first song I ever really fell in love with was when I was in middle school and had the case of the punk blues for Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I love food. I’m putty over dessert, especially ice cream. I hope my worst enemy never finds this page.
In middle school, I once pantsed a guy for pantsing me in front of my entire P.E. class. Talking to you, Jean Pierre. Ever since then, I made it my duty to stand up to bullies like this two-named jerk and I have learned that payback is a sweet, sweet song.
My love for design, or art in general, came from my elementary art teacher. She taught us to appreciate artists like Degas and Lichtenstein and Magritte. She also ended every class by giving us an M&M from her tin tray (maybe that’s why I love sweets so much). Ever since then, I would choose art classes over instruments and sports, over chess and mathletes (though math was never my strong suit). I was a designer for my high school prom, illustrator for the school newspaper, and an overall average student (and I totally owned it).
My college years consisted of trying new things I probably shouldn’t have, seeing things I probably shouldn’t have, and done things that I probably would have anyways. I think some of my favorite years stemmed from college: meeting the right people, joining the right groups, and traveling to the right places.
I’m currently in the big apple awaiting my unknown future, but I’m excited to say the least.
Looking for a chat or a new Insta friend? If you’ve read this long, let’s do it. I guess it's Your move noW.
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